Here’s a list of common questions and answers about Save the Children’s Den Day.

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What is Den Day?

On Friday 16 June, schools and groups across the UK took part in a creative, fundraising adventure. And it’s not too late to join in the fun!

It’s simple – build dens together at school or with your youth group, and raise money to change children’s lives.

Pupils will have fun, get creative and learn about the importance of shelter for children across the world as they build their own. They’ll also raise money to give more children the things they need to grow up healthy and happy, like a safe place to shelter.

You can take part at home too! Ask friends and family to sponsor you to build and sleep the night in your den.

What will I receive in my fundraising kit?

We are no longer sending out fundraising kits by post. But you can still download everything you need to have a fun-filled day of den building and fundraising either at school or at home, including tips on how to build dens and raise money, posters, den decoration templates and more.

Your kit also includes resources to make it easy to connect Den Day with the curriculum – teaching your pupils about the reality many children around the world face and featuring incredible stories to show how the money they’re raising could help.

How do we raise money?

Raise money however you like – get everyone to ask for sponsorship for their den-building or to make a donation for taking part – there are lots of ideas in the fundraising kit.

Set up an online fundraising page with Virgin Money Giving to easily collect donations or sponsorship online.

You can also find inspiration on our Fundraising Ideas page.

However you do it, the money you raise on Den Day will make a big difference to children around the world.

What can we use to make our dens?

You don’t require any special resources or equipment: everything you need should be sitting around the school just waiting to be transformed. Cardboard boxes, tarpaulin, climbing frames and desks are all ideal den-building materials. You could also ask parents or local businesses to donate things like boxes, sheets, clothes pegs or cushions.

The fundraising kit makes planning the day simple, with plenty of shelter ideas and tips to raise lots of money.

Can I set up an online fundraising page?

Yes, you can set up an online fundraising page with Virgin Money Giving.

How do I pay in my fundraising?

Ready to pay in the money you’ve raised? Find out how here.

Can Save the Children claim Gift Aid on my donations?

If you’re being sponsored to take part in Den Day we can claim 25% extra on donations made by UK taxpayers. Your sponsors just need to tick the Gift Aid box and provide their address details. If you’re using the sponsorship form please return it to us using the Freepost envelope you will receive in your kit so we can claim the Gift Aid.

When is Den Day?

Den Day was on Friday 16 June. If that date didn’t work for you or if you’ve just heard about Den Day, you can take part whenever – simply choose a later date.

Where does the money go?

The money you raise will help us to make life better for vulnerable children all over the world. It will help us save children’s lives, and make sure they get the things they need to grow up healthy and happy, like a safe place to shelter.  Find out more.