By taking part in Den Day, you and your children will be raising money to help make life better for children all over the world. These great ideas will help you make the most of your fundraising.



Raise money however you like on Den Day, follow these top tips to take your fundraising far! Every penny you raise could help children who don’t have somewhere safe to sleep tonight.

    • Ask children to get sponsored by friends and family to take part in Den Day. Find sponsorship forms in your fundraising kit or set up an online fundraising page
    • Organise an overnight stay – give pupils the chance to set up camp in your school hall and get sponsored to do it.
    • Collect a £2 donation from each child as an alternative to getting sponsored.
    • Raffles, bake sales and dress-down days – add these classic fundraisers to your Den Day to raise even more money to transform children’s lives.
    • Den Day gallery invite parents along to admire their children’s den creations in exchange for a donation.


Families will be joining in the fun too. Build a den together and help your children get sponsored to stay overnight in their hideout. You’ll be helping Save the Children transform children’s lives around the world.

Here are a few great ideas to help you make the most of your fundraising.

    • Ask your best donors to donate first – a few generous donations at the start will encourage others.
    • Hold a Den Day party – invite friends and family round to join in the fun, like four-year-old Holly (below) did, or turn your den into a pop-up hotel and ask people to pay to stay.



Holly held a Den Day party at home to raise money. She even baked cakes to sell, along with ice lollies and drinks.

“Holly was  really excited,” mum Kate said. “She even saved her sweets from holiday to give out to her friends as a thank you for supporting us!”

Holly said, “I felt really sad when mummy told me that not all children have safe places to live and that some children don’t have mummies or daddies so I wanted to do something nice to try and help them.”